Deepen your practice and understanding of mindfulness and emotional intelligence Learn tools and strategies for bringing mindfulness into daily work Build community with others integrating mindfulness and work This day will include meditation and mindfulness practice. The content will focus on unpacking and understanding mindfulness and emotional intelligence, neuroscience, and practical applications of mindfulness in […]

During this workshop we will explore how mindfulness practice, slowing down, and letting go can increase our accomplishments, lead to more meaning in our lives, and allow for greater ease and satisfaction. We will explore practices for reducing fear, assumptions, distractions, resistance, and unnecessary busyness – leading to “finding the one who is not busy” […]

Company Time, begun in 1996, is a gathering of people from diverse professions and occupations, and all realms of private, corporate, government, for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Company Time retreats do not propose easy solutions, but do provide time and tools to address our questions in an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality. Based on the ethical […]